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Mapping Branching strategies with TFS projects

May 3, 2010 at 6:32 PM


After reading the guide (very useful) we have evolved (considerably) our branching strategy from the previous one based on VSS limitation :-).

Actually we are developing new releases of our platform (a minor and a major release) and doing maintenance for current release for our customers.

Our branching model looks like this:


Dev -------------


Main ---------------------------


     Production ---------------


              Maintenance & hotfix -----------


                                       Release ------

 Dev has also other branches per features, testing, etc. We use labels in Main for marking feature release and other relevant stuff.

We use 2 teams one for maintenance and the other for development. The development model is based on SCRUM.

Our idea is to create a single project and work with (mainly) Area path for keeping separated the maintenance activities from the DEV ones.

 Do you have any specific suggestion on this issue?


When we are forced to introduce several changes to our platform for a customer (see PS for some remarks on the guide :-)) what should be the better way to manage that in TFS? Create a new project or simply branch from the most suitable point in Main and collect the work under a specific Area path?


Congratulation for the excellent work done





PS: It should be useful for completeness of the guide to consider issues related to manage a product/platform that it is personalised for several customers.