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TFS 2012 File Time - pros/cons of setting to Current (default) vs Checkin Time

Sep 7, 2013 at 12:47 AM
Could someone offer some pros/cons of TFS 2012 File Time setting to Current (default) vs Checkin Time

Also, how would I see the modify date of the file vs the last time Get lastest version of the file which is that date?

I found this.
File Time
This setting is new in TFS 2012. The choice is Current (the default) or Check-in.
Be careful with this one. This setting sets the modified date of a file. If the setting is Current, on check-in the file keeps its modify date,When you choose Check-in, the file modify time is set to check-in time. So if you check-in files that you changed 3 days ago, the file time in TFS is now !