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Maintaining Checkin History during branching/moving

Mar 21, 2012 at 8:19 AM


Is it possible to clone an existing source tree in TFS 2010 and have the new tree show all the checkin history from the original tree?  I have an existing tree that has too many levels of hierarchy (some intermediate folders are there but have no content).


Currently the Source folder is completely empty and adds no value.  I'd like the new tree to look like


Can this be done usinng TFS Branch and Move commands and still maintain the checkin history under the Middleware folder?

1. Branch $Top and create $Top-New (accomplishes the cloning and hopefully maintains all checkin history)

2. Move $Top-New/Main/Dev/Source/Middleware/... to $Top-New/Main/Dev/Middleware/...  (gets rid of unneeded intermediate folder)

Has anyone perform an task such as this?

Thanks, BC