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Integrate Multiple releases via MAIN, how ?

May 23, 2011 at 10:49 AM

How should I RI changes when working with:

3 parallel branches (two project-branches, resulting in a seperate release).

Dev1 = Project with total timespan of 1+ years  (releases v3.0)
Dev2 = Feature release 4 weeks timespan (releases v2.1)
HotFix1 = Hotfixes on current production version (v2.0)

Using the Concurrent Hotfix, Servicepack, Dev branch-plan.

What we want:

- Do hotfix-releases on the current production version (v2.0) (Without consulting with projectteams which greatly slows things down)
- Do feature releases in parallel with long running projects (not merging these features directly into the Dev1 branch, while this is seen as a serious project-risk etc etc.)
- Release V2.1 somewhere in the next quarter.
- Release V3.0 somewhere in the next two years

What's not really clear to me:

- How to go about when releasing features on our produkt when other projectteams (long running projects) see these features as added risk to there project/test plans.
- Should I frequently RI my project changes into MAIN (even if project runs for 1+ years)
- How should I create a new featurebranch from MAIN while there are allready several RI's from other running DEV branches. (Branch by what ???)
- New features of our software allways result in heavy discussions with other (isolated) projectteams. While they see them as added risk and they allways want a complete change-freeze
while their projects run. Only hotfixes are allowed. This is because new features will be integrated into their dev-branches because these will be live way before the project will go live. 

 We work in a development team, using TFS2010 en VS1010. 

Please advice,

May 23, 2011 at 3:43 PM

I have created a blog with suggested answers to your questions.

Feel free to post additional questions here or on the blog.

Bill Heys
VS ALM Ranger