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New Blog - Branching–Sprint is Done, Some Features Are Not

Jan 19, 2011 at 8:45 PM

Background – I keep getting this question:

I have a quick question for you on branching in Scrum and feature management. 

My client is using Scrum and if we look at the branching structure all sprints branch off of main. 

I noticed in your blog that you take one branch to development in sprint 1 and then do merges going forward as you move from sprint to sprint. I must be confused because I was thinking that each sprint was a branch off of Main, with Main being the stable code base that moves forward.

At any rate the question is how do they manage feature releases in sprints? 

The example is that you select 10 features for a sprint. 

When you get to the end of a sprint, say it is time bound by the business, two features are not ready so you need to move them to the next sprint. 

How do we merge and release the 8 ready to release features and hold the other 2 to later sprints. 

The code for the 2 not ready to go features is interwoven with the rest of the code in the sprint. 

Checkout some ideas on my blog: