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3 problems as a result of migration on TFS2010

Oct 7, 2010 at 10:33 PM


Below a detailed description of problems we are encountered as a result of migration on TFS2010.


We have worked in Visual Studio 2008 + TFS2008.

As a result of a server power failure, we broke the base of the working TFS2008.

We recover from backup 2-days old.

As has been previously prepared by a computer with TFS2010, and TFS2008 is required a full reinstall, we decided to make a recovery on the new server TFS2010.

Update was strictly guided by TFSInstall-RUS-05082010.chm - section "How-to. Upgrading Team Foundation Server by using the setup Team Foundation Server »

All actions are carried out successfully.

Besides the problems with the portal seemed everything works fine at first site. It took 3 days and problem grows.


As a result, we encounter with following 3 issues:

1. Links are broken between development branches in version control, exactly:

- Some pre-existing relationship between folders (A -> B) no longer displayed when attempting to merge the changes from A to B, sometimes reverse (B -> A) is available for a merge,

- For all the links list of unmerged changesets contains everything from “the days of yore”, but an attempt to fully merge all of them in the target folder leads to undesired results, i.e. when merging we are enforced to explicitly specify a list of required (the latter, not previously merged) changesets.

- After we are understand that folders are now in TFS2010 are needed to explicitly convert them in the branches. For one of the projects such an operation is done - recursive transformation is stopped in the half of a way with an error by converting some of the folders in the branch, the rest of folders I converted separately. As a result, the Source Control Explorer 2010 with the merger became available earlier missing links (see first paragraph), but in the Source Control Explorer 2008 - all remained as before. In this case, the problem with changesets (see previous item - about unmerged changesets) remained in the Source Control Explorer 2010.


2. There are errors on the portals of projects that were created in TFS2005 (on SharePoint 2003) and then were migrated in TFS2008.

For example buttons do not work:

• Documents

• Documents and Lists

• Create

• Site Settings

Links to reports:

• Exit Criteria Status

• Issues List


3. There are issues with MS Project files using the add-on Team "Team Explorer 2010” for Microsoft Office Project 2007/2010

There are follow issues:

• Whenever we update the data (the button Refresh) or adding new tasks to the plan from TFS (the button Get work items):

o disappears information in the column "Predecessors"

o strays grouping tasks / subtasks on levels

• After project binding to another source (the button Configure Server Connection) after every update:

o there are appears tasks from TFS, which wasn’t added to the plan. Uninstalling does not help, after the update, they appear again.

o some of the tasks that were previously displayed in the project plan, are disappeared. When you try to add them again in the plan, MS Project writes that the task on the sheet are present, but the task nevertheless is not visible and no search results.

After removal add-in "Team Explorer 2010” and the use of add-in “Team Explorer 2008" everything in Project files is working fine.

Thank you in advance!


Best regards,


Oct 19, 2010 at 11:48 PM

I would like to be able to help you, however, this is not a technical support forum for resolving all problems with Team Foundation Server. This discussion list is primarily intended to help answer questions from people who have read and are using Microsoft's Visual Studio ALM Ranger Branching Guidance 2010. 

Perhaps you need to call Microsoft Technical Support to help you in this case.

Bill Heys
VS ALM Ranger